How Symmetrical Is Your Face? | Face Yoga Method

How Symmetrical Is Your Face?

How Symmetrical Is Your Face?

We see beauty in symmetry. Balance is important more than details. Let’s take a look at our environment and surroundings. The beauty of flowers, tree leaves, and many other natural objects show us symmetrical beauty.
Scientific research has shown that our eyes are more drawn to symmetric patterns, then to an object itself.We find beauty in symmetry. That means, at first sight what people see is not the individual parts of your face but the symmetry in your face. Of course, asymmetry can be charming, attractive and eye-catching just like we see in art.


Here are photos of me. “Before” the Face Yoga Method exercises, right after my terrible car accident made my face asymmetrical. One side of my face is much higher than the other. Check out the eye size. One is bigger than the other. How about the eye brows? One side is much higher than the other. And the corners of the mouth? One side is much higher than the other. Quite shocking.

How To End The Asymmetry In Your Face

Most of us have an “asymmetrical” face, mostly caused by unconscious repetitive movements throughout the day. In this video, I will show you a simple eye exercise to make your eye area, especially eye brow more symmetrical. You will be surprised to see how the Face Yoga Method can change your face.



  • narcissus

    thanks fumiko,i love your videos

    • Fumiko Takatsu

      You are most welcome!

  • Patricia

    This helped a lot :) But only with my eyebrows. What should I do to make my cheeks become even? Because, I’m really struggling on my cheeks. My right cheek is chubbier than my right cheek, so it becomes uneven and sort of unbalanced in the picture and it make me look odd. What should I do to make it even? I want to lessen the fat of my cheeks. I’m looking forward to your reply, response, help, advice, tip :) I know you can help me :) Thank you.

    • Pham Minh Thu

      I have the same problem :'< It looks so odd in photos

      • Anh Mai


    • Alludra Riguera

      What kind of face massage shall we do fumiko?i hope we get a response from you.pleaseee…

  • amrit

    Hello I have assymetric flat big lips. Is there any natural method to fic this please for thinner and more defined lips ? Thank you

  • Zain

    This is really good and works wonder but my left cheek is much more cubbier than my right! And it left jaw line is longer than the right…soo it makes me look like o have a bent face in pictures…any ways resolving that?

    • fenny

      Me too omygod

    • Alludra Riguera

      What kind of face massage shall we do fumiko?i hope to get a response from you.pleassee

  • Zain

    Plus is ot okay if i do both of them? Or will that still cause unbalance

  • jenn

    Hello. I had bells palsy years ago and wasn’t told about muscle redefining. It never healed correctly. Now one side of my face is more muscular than the other causing me to be lopsided in the right side. My eye closes when I open my mouth and the jaw is slowly assuming into my face causing my teeth to move. My smile is crooked and it is uncomfortable to make normal facial expressions due to the tightness and pulling. Is there anything I can do to correct this? Please help!

  • Ann

    This has helped me quite a bit. My right eyebrow and lid had started sagging noticeably in the last month or so. I felt so self conscious about it as my eyebrow was much lower and the eyelid made my eye appear smaller ( at least in my mind’s eye it was very noticable.

    This exercise has lifted both the eyebrow and the lid, so they’re even. I’ve been doing them in addition to the 28 day challenge, what I learned in the webinar, and the free ebook. I also feel brighter and more energetic for some reason.

    Thank you

  • laryssa

    I have one cheek fatter than other. What exercise should I do? Chew on the other side?

  • sid

    please help me!!! my upper lip became uneven when i chewed from only one should i make my upper lip even??

  • andrea

    I have the same face problem like Zain, please help!!!!

  • muscacist1

    I also have a lopsided face. I wasn’t born this way but now the right side of my cheek area is much wider than the left. But when i look in the mirror it is barely noticeable. However i do notice it in some of the pictures i take and by the reactions and comments i over hear from people in public. I did have multiple abscesses on both sides of my mouth a few years ago and also an extended bout of tmj. I heard these conditions can actually cause some shifting of your face if left unattended and im starting to believe this is what caused this problem. If anyone has any solutions to this i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

  • Joanne

    Thanks for this helpful video :) Now i know why my left side is higher, cause when i was young i wanted to learn how to raise just one eyebrow, they used this method as well. Since i only trained one side it made my left side higher T^T . I am gonna master my right side now haha.

  • Justin Wilson

    I was wondering, could one even their masseter muscles by chewing a sliced in half mouth guard in which ever side of the mouth that is disproportionate? essentially it would be the same as chewing your food, just your chewing on rubber. If one can do this wouldn’t it cause for better results because of the resistance.

  • Sally

    my left eye look to be normal but the right one looks slightly stretched upward. will this excerise help with conditions like this?

  • Radhika

    I am impressed with the video. Facial deformation can be a killing thing. People who suffer know the hurt, insult and pain it can cause.

    This video will surely help so many people!

    I also have made a number of techniques to correct chin, cheek and lip imbalance. If somebody needs help they can contact me.

    But this is not to take away the glory from Fumika! She has posted a remarkable video!

    • Koi

      Hey, I struggle with uneven cheeks and lip imbalance, any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

  • Ashlynn

    How do u know which which side tho doesn’t the mirror reverse your image?

  • David

    Basically, your teeth and nose are the major culprits. The nose septum and cartilage will bend one way over time from bad habits as well as your teeth. These bad habits range from using facial expressions and having tendency to use one side of muscles over the other to sleeping on your stomach. The list goes on but just try to be as aware and conscious of your actions at all times. Best of luck!

  • Unicorn

    I cant lift my left eyebrow, what should I do, can I lift it using my index finger?

  • Asim Riaz

    My cheeks r not even.
    Left side is very weak than right side of my face.
    Kindly suggest me any solution
    Dear Famiku I alredy sent messages on ur face page and id..

  • kris

    My right eyebrow is higher than my left, but my right eye is smaller and more drooping than my left eye.
    and also i have double eyelid on only left eye. it looks like o_O…..;;;;;;;
    i need your help really…please help me fumiko

  • Thirtyeen

    Hi Fumiko,

    I am a recent reader of your blog and I immensely enjoy and appreciate your knowledge. I turned 30 and I have never been more conscious about my looks. My face is asymmetrical with slightly prominent differences. I like my right side of my face but I do not like my left side. I would like my left side to resemble more like my right. Could u suggest exercises to make my left side more like my right so that there is symmetry?

  • anahita sh

    Hi Fumiko, I recently noticed that my chin in the left side is longer than the right side, my right side is upper! it used to be round and nice. and my left chick is bigger than right one. would you please give me or show me any yoga face practice. it really bothers me to see unsymmetrical chin on my face! thank you so much.