A Look Inside The Best-Selling Face Yoga Method Program

When we first took the Face Yoga Method digital, we wanted to create easy, effective, and quick programs for our clients. With over 16 years of study, client feedback, and testing we clearly understood what was missing- ONE powerful Face Yoga program

If we told you that you could gain all of the face-firming, slimming, and tightening benefits of a facelift without ever going under the knife, would you believe it? 

Face Yoga is the practice of toning the muscles of the face to achieve a desired result. But the best part is, when done properly, there is an improvement on the inside too!

To give you the ultimate Face Yoga experience, we’ve combined top technology with our proven Three Secrets of the Face Yoga Method, and bundled it all together in one course: the Face Toning Bootcamp

What Science Says About Face Yoga

Facial exercises have been around for hundreds of years, with earliest references dating back to the Cleopatran era. Recent popularity among Hollywood’s biggest stars has prompted a rollout of medical studies to prove that just like any other fitness regimen, exercising the muscles in your face can result in improved tone and slimness.

But it’s about more than just pulling faces….

There are around 50 muscles in every face and just as we can tone our body through exercises, our facial muscles can be toned too. Face Yoga is the practice of exercising and activating the muscles of the face. The best part is since these are relatively tiny muscles, recovery time is minimal and results can be seen within days!

The Face Yoga Method works for every face, every time, taking years off of the face by smoothing, plumping, and sculpting the facial muscles to create a youthful look. Our Method also reveals beauty from the inside, utilizing a unique holistic body-mind-face approach in our routines and programs that go beyond just cosmetic benefits. Results can include: 

  • Tight and toned skin 
  • Reduced eye bags and swelling
  • Reduced or erased wrinkles 
  • Facial symmetry 
  • Happier appearance 
  • Symmetrical smile and reduced “gummy smile” 
  • A younger-looking face and skin 
  • Uplifted mood, confidence, and relaxation 
  • Brightened and a more even complexion 
  • Recovery from paralysis (results vary) 
  • Tightened neck and jawline 
  • Improved posture and flexibility 
  • …and more!

 The right teacher with holistic and thorough knowledge, the time you spend on your practice and knowing which poses to use for which muscles, all work together to help you create the best results are key to your success with Face Yoga.

While we love science, our real pride is in our happy customers…

40,000 Faces Know This Secret To Ageing

You can be 20, 40, 60, 90+ years young.You can have the “worst genetic-double chin in the world”.You can have zero-time for skincare.I’m going to take years off your face in less than two months! Join us for 42 days of transformation, empowerment and community as we do the Face Toning Bootcamp together! Learn more: http://bit.ly/2lV8fma

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See What You’ll Get With 
The Face Toning Bootcamp 

The Face Toning Bootcamp is the best-selling Face Yoga Program on the market today. This online video course is based on over 15 years of first-hand experience teaching hundreds of thousands of students. It’s your  fail proof blueprint to success!

We’ve combined the THREE SECRETS that make our Method work for every face in ONE program:

16+ Years Of Wisdom
Created by the best in the industry! 

15 Minutes x 42 Days 
The perfect amount of time for daily Face Yoga practice.
Effective and easy to manage in any schedule 

4 Million Faces 
Face Yoga is for everyone who wants to look their best!

Marem’s Experience With Bootcamp

A Fly-Through Of The Bootcamp Site

Check out what’s inside the world’s best-selling Face Yoga program! We’ve included it all, daily video tutorials, bonus actions, built-in photo booth to track your amazing progress, and bonus tips from Certified Teachers!

You’ll Reveal A Younger Face Through 42 Days Of Holistic Techniques 

Over 4 hours of mindset training videos like guided meditation, lifestyle advice and mindfulness techniques will help you embrace a beautiful life. 

Key instructions for aligning the spine, toning the torso and shoulders and improving body flexibility aid in your success! 

Based on 15 years of experience teaching hundreds of thousands of students, the Bootcamp is a fail proof blueprint with daily step by step video instructions from founder, Fumiko Takatsu. In just 6 weeks you can see brighter, younger, firmer and healthier skin.

“This Yoga helps women put their best face forward”

“Able to reverse many of [the] visual effects of aging”

“You need to try Face Yoga”

“Some people are using it as an alternative to Botox or plastic surgery”

The Face Yoga Method Is Not A Subscription

Pay once for the Face Toning Bootcamp, and access it forever! 


Already have a Bootcamp Account? Log in to join our May 2020 Community Bootcamp!

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