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As the success of the Face Yoga Method expands into new regions, communities, and networks, you might soon come across some other teachers and “Face Yoga” in your day-to-day. 

While these other teachings may look similar to our proven Method — there’s a clear differentiation between them and us. 

But how are you to spot the difference? What makes us so confident to tell you that our Method is guaranteed to work? And what can you do to ensure you only get positive results? 

It all comes down to your teacher. 

Let’s examine the foundation of a great Face Yoga Method Teacher: Their Training. 

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Fumiko’s Pledge To Your Success 

An Overview Of Our Teacher Certification Course 

Fumiko Takatsu holding a pen in her mouth and her hand around her eye while posing for her Teacher Certification Course banner.

The Face Yoga Method name is synonymous with quality, transformation, and stature — and we go to great lengths to keep it that way!

Not only did Fumiko spend over five years developing the perfect Teacher Certification Course, which sets you up for a successful venture with Face Yoga, but we also continue to add new content and updates to every class.

Here’s the incredible value you can unlock in our 5-month Teacher Certification Course: 

  • Over 25 hours of LIVE Virtual Workshop time with Fumiko Takatsu, founder of the Face Yoga Method 
  • Five TCC Modules 
    • The Teaching 
    • The Science 
    • The Corrections 
    • The Lifestyle 
    • The Marketing 
    • Final Assessment Process
  • Self-paced Course with 24/7 FOREVER access (only for June 2021 students!) 
  • VIP support from 5 Certified Face Yoga Method Teachers and TCC Coaches via email and TCC Private Facebook Group 
  • Weekly Assignments and Study Groups for enhanced integration and motivation
  • 100 RYT Continuing Education Hours 

“This is one of the best things that happened to me in my life! Face Yoga changed my whole lifestyle. I am doing face exercises every day. I have learned and I am still learning so much in the Facebook group even after graduating.” ~Tina

Our Teacher Certification Course is the only Course I offer that goes this DEEP into my Method and offers you this much transformational power. 

There is NOTHING we do not cover in this Course

We give you MORE poses, MORE lessons, MORE support, and MORE quality assurance than any other teacher out there. It’s our commitment to you and your future clients that you understand how to teach Face Yoga safely, professionally, and correctly. 

Additionally, we’re proud to offer you an accredited Teacher Certification Course with Yoga Alliance, which counts for 100 RYT Continuing Education Hours!

Yoga Alliance logo - white and brown

Your Certification Journey 

We’re incredibly proud to offer a Course with a mega-high Graduation Rate of 70%! We can attribute our students’ success to our proven framework, support, and processes every student receives in our Teacher Certification Course. 

Find out how you can be a TCC Graduate in 2021! 

Every student in the Course has been hand-selected to ensure their heart and mindset are in the right place and set up for SUCCESS! 

The Framework 

  • Self-guided online Course with 24/7 access so you can study at your own pace
  • Average weekly time commitment of 7 hours 
  • Course  Modules and Content are drip-released for more accessible learning 
  • Weekly live Workshops to get your questions answered 
  • Weekly Assignments to correlate with your learning Module 
  • 2-Step Graduation Process (Mock Class Demo and 1-on-1 Final Assessment Video Call) 

The Support 

  • VIP support from five Certified Face Yoga Method Teachers and TCC Coaches via email 
  • Technical support from our Team 
  • Priority Customer Support from our Team 
  • Invitation to join our TCC Private Facebook Group with your peers, Fumiko, and TCC Head Coaches
  • Optional small peer-led Study Groups 

“The unwavering support of our close FYM Community. Whenever I felt down, there was someone in the FYM Community who would encourage me.” ~ Vanamala 

The Graduation Process 

To ensure your confidence in teaching this Method and that our Graduates are of the highest caliber, our Certification process involves: 

✔️On-time submission and proof of understanding for all TCC Assignments  
✔️Review of your very own mock class
✔️A 1-on-1 Final Assessment video call with a TCC Head Coach

What my Teacher Certification Course students must master to qualify for graduation:  

  • Mastery of the intricacies of facial muscles and anatomy 
  • How to safely and effectively teach over 70 proven Face Yoga Method Poses 
  • How to correct some facial concerns and ailments 

The Before and After of A TCC Graduate

My Pledge and Personal Commitment To Your Success 

I can confidently assure you there is NO OTHER PERSON on this planet more committed to your success and understanding of this Method than me. 

And that’s not all! I’ve recruited a few of my favorite graduates as TCC Head Coaches to keep you on track and support you every day in our TCC Support Group and your Certification process. (On average, my TCC Head Coaches and I each spend an average of 24 hours on EACH TCC Student!)

There is no other Face Yoga Program that offers this level of support and access to my knowledge. I take it upon myself to invite you under my wing as a blossoming Face Yoga Method Teacher!   

Learn More About My 2021 Teacher Certification Course. 

Beyond Face Yoga — Setting You Up For Business Success

“My biggest fear was Marketing, it was so intimidating for me. But having the Marketing Module and Maria there to share all this great information helped me immensely and gave me the push to start my own business.” ~ Louise 

We know first hand that mastering Face Yoga isn’t the only new skill you’re developing during the Course. We also want you to feel confident and prepared to showcase and market your new Face Yoga business to your Community and beyond. 

This is why we dedicate an entire TCC Module to Marketing education and weave in the importance of marketing and PR into the Course as a whole! 

If you want to work full-time, if you want to work part-time, or if you’d like to teach Face Yoga as a hobby, we give you everything you need to know to be able to build that business and create a career with the lifestyle and freedom you deserve.

These skills are the building blocks of your business.

We bring in top specialists in the fields of entrepreneurship, marketing, and branding to show you how to:

  • Build your business — even if you’re starting from scratch  
  • The secrets of advertising your offer in your market
  • The tools you need to spread your Face Yoga business on and offline in the modern world
  • Craft your unique brand and image 
  • Be a standout voice on Social Media and leader of the Pro-Aging Revolution
  • Attract your ideal client and keep them coming back again and again
  • Where your ideal customer is, and how to speak to them 
  • Writing a strategic marketing plan 
  • Website creation 101
  • How to optimize your offline promotion strategy 
  • The secrets of social media 
  • Done-for-you email marketing swipe files

Return on Investment

We can confidently say that your investment in the Face Yoga Teacher Certification Course is something that will pay you both financial and emotional rewards for the rest of your life. 

Wondering how quickly you can get a return on your investment? Most of our Graduates start their Face Yoga Teaching at a rate of $70+ per hour, per student. 

“I said YES because it was such a great opportunity, not to be missed…WOW [my first workshop was] more than I ever imagined… This success is thanks to Fumiko Takatsu. I feel so grateful for your dedication and knowledge Fumiko… I now have learned how important is the teacher’s perspective to catch the student’s attention and engagement. They were so happy that the online studio has offered to give me regular monthly classes.” ~ Anna

Your Lifetime Benefits of Graduation 

“A Face Yoga Method Teacher isn’t just teaching facial exercises — she’s leading the Pro-Aging Revolution alongside the best of the best.” ~Fumiko

We are proud of our Teacher Certification Course Graduates who have each been extensively trained, tested, and educated by me the “teacher of teachers” to qualify for the prestigious title of “Certified Face Yoga Method Teacher.”

Our Graduates carry my legacy, the Face Yoga METHOD, into their communities around the world, and it’s of paramount importance to us that it is taken very seriously. 

The Face Yoga Method Certification is more than just a title, it’s a statement of quality, and by choosing The Face Yoga Method, you are choosing the best for yourself and others. 

Once you’ve Graduated and earned your well-deserved title of “Certified Face Yoga Method Teacher,” we love to continue our lasting relationship through our TCC Graduate Group on Facebook and regular communications.

GIF - A scroll over the Face Yoga Method Teacher Certification Course Facebook page.

Testimonial: How This Single Mom Supports Her Family With Her Certification

“Face Yoga changed my life and gave me an inner strength” ~ Susanne

BUT — Our favorite thing to do, is to SHOW YOU OFF! 

The first way we do this is by listing your Face Yoga business information on our website. Our site receives over 3 MILLION unique viewers every year, which means hundreds of potential customers will see YOU every year. 

(Did somebody say “free marketing”?!) 

We firmly stand by our belief that your success, our success. So when you hit a significant milestone, are featured in a magazine or on a TV station — we want to know about it, and then we want to SHARE it with the world! 

We regularly send Social Media posts, write blog features, and email our list about YOUR success. Again, that’s MILLIONS of eyes on Y-O-U! 

Start creating your legacy and apply now!

How to become a Certified Face Yoga Method Teacher

We hold our Teacher Certification Course once per year to give you our ALL —  all together! 

Teaching Face Yoga exclusively on the virtual platform for over 12 years has taught me that having a set timeline and structure and learning with a committed peer group can make or break your success. So while other courses may offer you a quick one-weekend “certification,” let me tell you, you’ll get in what you put in… 

You can apply for our 2021 Teacher Certification Course here!

A Face Yoga METHOD teacher isn’t just teaching facial exercises — she’s leading the Pro-Aging Revolution alongside the best of the best. 

Are you ready to add this incredible title to your repertoire?! 

Find out how you can set yourself apart in the fastest growing industry and become Face Yoga METHOD certified below! 

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  1. Hello Teacher
    I am Mongolian my name is Saruul I am 45 year’s old want to learning in your face yoga course Please How I will learing
    Thank you teacher

    1. We have tons of free content here on our blog and on youtube, but you can also take a look at our Courses page 🙂

  2. Buen dia estoy interesada, pero los cursos lo realizarían también en idioma español, gracias.

    1. Hola Maria Jose, todavia no tenemos los programas en video en español pero tenemos nuestro eBook disponible en español, envianos un correo para más informaciones en [email protected] 🙂

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