Amazing muscles

The Face Yoga Method is a face exercise program. Every body knows the benefit of exercise.  Exercise builds your muscles and tones your body.  The same thing can apply to your face. We all know that pumping iron makes the muscles bigger and stronger while sitting in front of the TV makes your leg muscles soft and weak. We need muscles to keep us moving.   We need muscles to stand. We need muscles to smile! In fact, in order to smile, we are using almost as many as 14 different muscles in our face. And we have almost 700 muscles in our body. We need to keep using our muscles so that we do not lose them.  We need to move our face muscles so that our face stays in a good shape!

Do not buy your shoes in the evening

Have you ever had the experience of your shoes not fitting after a long day of standing? Or sitting on the chair in front of the computer and your legs feel swollen? If you do not smile for a long time, even your face builds up the fluids and your face can feel swollen or even look puffy.  How do these things happen? We can blame all of these on gravity.  All the body fluid goes down and can cause these conditions thanks to gravity.

Gravity sucks

We learned about Newton’s law of gravity at school. Gravity helps us to stand. We live on earth thanks to gravity. However, gravity is one of the greatest enemies of aging. As you know, gravity pulls down all the objects on earth. That includes our body parts. As we age, we get shorter, breasts sag, buttocks sag and get flat, and the stomach protrudes.  Unfortunately, just like the body, facial parts are also attacked by gravity. The corners of the mouth go down, the nose gets longer, cheeks get lower, and eye rids droop. We cannot stop the aging process but we can delay these age related results by taking care of ourselves. Many people exercise to maintain the body and keep it young.  Why not exercise your face for the same reason? The Face Yoga Method exercises your face muscles in ways you never knew existed.

Let’s face it – Take a look at your face in 5 years!

Take a look at yourself in a mirror and see for yourself how you will look 5 years from now. Since we see our face everyday and there is no obvious device to measure changes, like a belt for the waistline or a scale for body weight, we do not easily notice the changes on our face.

Are you ready to face your future face?

First, hold a mirror parallel to the floor. Breathe in from your nose. While breathing out from your nose, move your face down until it becomes parallel to the mirror. How do you like it? Which area on your face do you not like the most? Double chin? Saggy cheeks? Droopy eyelids?

How did you look 5 years ago?

Now let’s try to see how you looked 5 years ago. First, hold a mirror parallel to the ceiling. Breathe in from your nose. While breathing out from your nose, lift your face up until it becomes parallel to the mirror. Wow! Don’t you miss the way you looked? You may not be able to go back to the face we had 5 years ago, but with proper face exercises, you can definitely delay the aging process, just like how body exercises do to your body.  The Face Yoga Method fights the signs of aging. It has been tested, refined and tuned many times to meet the individual concerns of aging.  If you are not happy with the way you look when you look down to the mirror, try to do some face exercises. You can choose the specific exercises for the area you are concerned about.