Photo showing a woman with black hair doing face yoga vs a photo of a woman injecting botox into her eye area.

Face Yoga Method vs. Botox & Fillers

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For all of you who at least once considered changing something on your face either naturally or surgically, here is a must read. In the post below you can find a detailed comparison of the expected results, costs and characteristics of Face Yoga Method on one side, and botox and fillers interventions, on the other. Take a look and decide which one is for you!


  • The FYM uses your own facial muscles.
  • Botox uses chemicals.


  • Once you learn the poses, the FYM is free.
  • Each Botox injection can cost about $300.


  • The FYM is a face muscle exercise regime so the more you do it, the better the results you can expect; just like any exercise program.
  • Botox injections wear off within 3 to 6 months. You have to keep getting injections in order to maintain the results.


  • The FYM is free of any side effects.
  • Botox has reported side effects such as tight feelings of the affected areas, headaches, anxiety, and depression.


  • You are the practitioner of FYM. The more disciplined you are and the more you practice the poses, the better the results.  You will feel more in control and confident after practicing.
  • Botox must be administered professionally and you surrender yourself to others.


  • The FYM helps in making your face more symmetrical.
  • Botox suppresses certain muscles and can result in uneven facial expressions and asymmetry in the face. We see beauty in symmetry and symmetrical faces look more beautiful and attractive.


  • The FYM makes you move some of the muscles you do not necessarily use every day and this can result in clear, confident speech.
  • Botox paralyzes the facial muscles and those areas affected by injections can get loose and saggy. This can result in losing speech articulation.


  • The FYM trains the brain to move the muscles and that can be a great stimulation to your brain.
  • Botox stops the muscle movements and as a result the brain loses certain stimulation.


  • In order to smile, you need 14 difference facial muscles to engage.  The FYM relaxes your face muscles and makes your smile more natural and sincere.
  • Botox freezes your facial expression. You lose balance in the face and that gives you a crooked smile.


  • The FYM trains you to use certain muscles for the face to get specific results.
  • Botox can affect the areas you do not want to be treated, for example, Botox injections in the lips can travel to the cheeks and that can cause a droopy face.


  • You do the FYM exercise. You know best. The results depend on your dedication to the exercise.
  • Botox is done by the doctor and he/she decides which angle and the amount of the injection that should get in. You do not know how it will turn out. Some doctors suggest Botox injections under the eyes. There have been reported possible increase to bags around the eyes and eventually this can result in more wrinkles around the eye area.

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After reading this comparison, does botox still interest you, or you are thinking about Face Yoga Method instead? Let me know your thoughts below.

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    1. Dear Paula,

      This will depend on how much your facial muscles are capable of moving, i.e., how much they are flexible. This is why I would recommend getting more detailed information from the doctor who did the procedure about the type, position and the quantity of the fillers.


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