A woman with dark hair and bangs with the lips pressed hard.

How To Get A Symmetrical Face

Isn’t it wonderful if you can do all the things below with just one pose?

  1. Make your mouth area symmetrical
  2. Lift up the cheeks
  3. Lift up the corners of the mouth
  4. Tone the neck area
  5. Prevent/decrease “smoker lines” on upper lip
  6. Reduce/even out nasolabial folds

I finally figured out a good pose for these.

As usual, it is very simple, easy to do, and of course, effective!

Because I have been doing face exercises, I thought my face was very symmetrical until one day I curled my lips around my mouth and saw asymmetry in the mouth area. The corners of my mouth were not even. My right side was much lower than the left side.

I also noticed that my nasolabial lines were not even. The nasolabial line on the right side of my face is deeper and shorter than the one on the left side.

That is how this pose was born!

Enjoy and let me know how it works on your face (I believe that getting a symmetrical face has never been easier!).