I do not like the way I look.
I do not like my face line.
I do not like my eyes.
I do not like my cheeks.
I do not like….

How many times do you tell yourself “I do not like…” and try to change the parts of your face? The Face Yoga Method surely changes your face and I have seen so many changes on so many peoples face. When people see the changes, they feel different and confident and that state of mind really transfers to their looks. It can start from the face but the real secret of the Face Yoga Method comes from inside.

Warnings: The Secret of Success
Do you exercise on a regular basis? If so, what kind of exercise do you like? How do you feel after exercise? Body exercises not only change the way you look but change the way you feel about yourself. They give you a sense of self confidence and satisfaction. That shows on your face. You glow from the inside out and people see that in you. The Face Yoga Method is the same. It trains the face muscles in ways you are not used to use. It exercises the face muscles in ways you never thought possible. It makes you aware of the face muscles which you may never have known existed. It challenge you physically and mentally. In order to get the best benefits/results of the Face Yoga Method, you cannot ignore the mental changes.

Never Say “too late.”
I had a student in Japan. She was in her seventies. She dressed rather conservative and proper.   She came to my class and told me that she had never taken yoga before not to mention face exercise. She was curious to see if the Face Yoga Method could relieve the tight shoulders she had. I did not want to hurt her in the class so I was very careful when teaching her. I often said to her during the class “if you cannot do this pose (face  and body), do not worry. Just be gentle on yourself.” To my greatest surprise, she really wanted to push herself. After the class, she told me she felt “so light from the inside and out.” She kept coming to my class. Her body and face became more flexible. She started dressing differently. She changed her hair style.

She started carrying herself differently. She looked more confident and looked much younger than her age. She beautifully transferred herself into a much younger energy. She became a different person!!

Self Confidence
The Face Yoga Method gives you more self confidence. You are the practitioner of the exercise and you know the best. The more you practice, the better the results you will see and that gives you more self confidence.

Self Control
You will also feel more in control when you practice the Face Yoga Method. You do the face exercises and you control the face muscles. When you know that you can control your face muscles, you feel more in control in other parts of your life. It is your turn. Do not try to be somebody else. You are a very unique and beautiful person. There is only one “you.” Find the favorite parts in your face and pay more attention to them.

Accept, love and embrace yourself. You are the best!