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Face Yoga & Botox: What You Should Know

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Yes, the rumors are true! Face Yoga IS a 100% NATURAL alternative to botox cosmetic procedures, that delivers longer-lasting, beautiful results! But, if you’ve already gone the cosmetic procedure route, you may be wondering if your Face Yoga results will look the same… Today we’re going to show you the PROVEN Method that’s already helped thousands of men and women regain their confidence, embrace their age and their skin, and how YOU can put an end to botox and other costly procedures.

The TRUTH About Aging

Aging is a natural human process, and as we age, the habits and environmental impacts change our skin causing a loss of elasticity (collagen and elastin) and our muscles lose volume. 

This is what causes the skin to sag and wrinkles to start to appear. 

Factors that age your skin include

  • Your unconscious habits
  • The cosmetics you use 
  • Your hydration 
  • Environmental hazards such as air quality and UV exposure
  • Natural collagen and elastin loss

…notice we didn’t list your age or genetics?! 

The Face Yoga Method addresses these aging factors, prevents them, and corrects them 100% naturally by toning and isolating different muscles beneath the skin’s surface, through research-proven Practices. 

BOTOX VS. FACE YOGA: What’s The Difference?

Face Yoga is a 100% natural Method designed to address skin concerns from the root of the problem — the muscles and skin health. 

Botox, on the other hand, is a chemical based injection that paralyzes your muscles and blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles and tissues at the injection site. While this freezing of the muscles results in a wrinkle free appearance, Botox cannot address the root of the problem, but rather temporarily covers it up — and makes it worse. 

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The Big Facade & How Botox Makes Wrinkles Worse

The freezing of the muscle may have temporary effects, but in the long run, botox actually creates more wrinkles because it weakens the muscles. Botox paralyzes the facial muscles and those areas affected by injections can get loose and saggy. In some cases this can even result in losing speech articulation. 

Face Yoga is a lifestyle that inspires a face — body — skin care connection and helps you embrace your age and your lifestyle with awareness and self-love. And the best part is, it only takes a few minutes per day!  The Practices we teach are designed to create lasting positive Routines and teach you to love and care for yourself and your skin from the inside out!

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Can I Do Face Yoga If I’ve Had Botox?

Not only can you do Face Yoga if you’ve had Botox, but you’re also not alone! Everyday women like you are making the switch to a healthier, natural, happier lifestyle and use Face Yoga to transition out of Botox completely.  

Botox injections paralyze the muscle inhibiting it from moving. And while this may smoothen wrinkles temporarily, we cannot stress enough that a muscle that isn’t used, will lose volume, its shape and will eventually sag! If you’re ready to make the switch and learn how to actively relax and isolate your muscles, it’s best to wait sometime after your last injection before you start Face Yoga. Depending on how much Botox was injected and into which muscle, will determine when you can transition into Face Yoga. It’s best to ask the person who gave you the injection how long to wait as they’ll know when the muscle paralysis will start to wear off, enabling you to transition into Face Yoga. You don’t have to wait until the injection has cleared completely, as Face Yoga activates blood circulation, the lymphatic system and helps detoxify,  which can help eliminate Botox faster.  

To transition from Botox and adapt this natural proven blueprint instead, simply start with a few exercises a day. We guarantee you won’t look back as you’ll love your radiant glow and the control you’ll gain of using your muscles to achieve specific results, all 100% NATURALLY! Even a Face Yoga Routine of a few minutes a day will bring you transformative results that you can most often see in as little as two weeks, and sometimes even within days! 

How Long Until I See Lasting Results With Face Yoga?

One of the reasons people might opt for Botox is because they want immediate results they feel they can’t get with other practices. However, Face Yoga can yield visible results in as little as two weeks, and sometimes even within days! In addition, this Practice will provide you with an empowered Routine that’ll ultimately result in lasting lifetime results you can be proud of. 

The Face Yoga Method has over 80+ facial postures that target different areas of the face allowing you to not only get desired results but get familiar with your facial structure, muscles and how you can learn to communicate with them. This connection will also amplify your results as you’ll learn to listen to your needs and give your skin the attention it craves! 

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Be Your OWN Skin Care Advocate

You are your own expert with Face Yoga! You know your body and your face best, now take this knowledge and use the practice that teaches you to connect to and listen to your intuition as a part of your skin care Journey. 

Learn how to control your results depending on your dedication to both the exercises and lifestyle choices, instead of relying on someone else to give you the correct and proper injection. 

Face Yoga is the safe, effective, and empowering alternative to cosmetic procedures and will empower you and your skin care! 

But don’t just take our word for it.  We’ve created a quick, effective, risk-free full-face Routine to kickstart your empowered skin care Journey! 

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